Wednesday 11 July 2012

Promotional idea - Colour Changing Showerhead

We’ve got an excellent promotional idea for you.  This shower head has a colour changing light feature which includes a standard combination of the colours red, green and blue.   

Promotional idea- Colour changing shower head
 It definitely has the “Ooh-Aah” factor as you can even relish the festive spirit whilst having a shower!

Here’s a brief of the product:
·         It is a water saving, LED shower head.
·         The lights will function instantly from the water pressure.
·         It has a chrome finish.
·         It installs easily.
So all in all this is an eco-friendly item where customers won’t have to worry about the energy consumption or batteries. The pretty light feature should draw attention from the consumer.

Perhaps Christmas fanatics can add it as part of their decorations when guests are staying around or maybe they can just enjoy it themselves.  

Why not have package in a nice festive manner.   Have our designers arrange for a custom print on it and  have mainly red and white LEDs to make sure it ties in with Christmas colours.
Do you have any thoughts on how to customise this product further?

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