Toys R Us Promo Gift - LBX

Toys R Us, one of the largest toy store chains in the world, are currently holding a fantastic promotion. Buy LBX products in-store and receive a free gift!

LBX is a famous Japanese anime television series that is very popular in Asia. When you go to Toys R Us you will receive free stickers with any purchase of any LBX product. The stickers are of characters from the TV show:
Toys R Us and LBX GWP Promotion - Stickers
Toys R Us and LBX GWP Promotion - Stickers

This is a great gift (that is related to the purchased product) to give away in this cool promotion. The characters on the stickers are from the LBX cartoon. Your child can put the stickers on anything he or she wishes. In doing so, this will promote the cartoon to other children, who then in turn will be enticed into buying LBX products. Meaning the cartoon will be more recognised and more of its merchandise will be bought, meaning more profit to them and anywhere selling LBX goods.

So go down to Toys R Us and grab yourself some LBX products before the offer ends!

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