Wednesday 2 January 2013

Promotional In-Bar Tool - LED Drink Stirrer

The new year is finally here. Surely, you have planned a line of marketing campaigns already. Here is something that can make your promotional events interesting. This LED drink stirrer is very suitable for night events. Whether it is a beach party or an indoor event, this LED stirrer will excite your guests.

This LED stirrer is highly customizable. You can use different colors for the LED light according to your brand color or the theme of the event. The star shape can be replaced with your logo. This product will make your events more memorable.

Making Promotional Events Effective

Promotional events often take a huge portion of your marketing budget. But how effective are promotional events actually? Most of the time people will not remember the events for long, not even the next day. Unless you are inviting famous public figures to attend the events, when the event is over, it's over. But, good news for you, inviting public figures is not the only way to increase brand recall. This can be done by handing out marketing gifts.

Imagine your successful promotional events are happening right now. People are enjoying their drinks and this LED drink stirrers just light up the place. Your guests may find this stirrer unique and interesting. Now if you tell your guests they may bring these stirrers back home, imagine how delighted they would be. Besides, would you want to use the same idea for your next event? It will eliminate the element of surprise.

Having something to bring back from the event can increase brand recall. To ensure that your guests will remember your brand, modify this LED drink stirrer a little bit. Incorporate your logo into the design somehow. You can change the star shape completely to resemble your logo. You can also go with the low-cost option. Screen print your brand on a flat shape that is already available in the market. All in all, remember that giving away branded promotional gift is very important in ensuring long-term effect of your promotional events.

If you would like to customize your very own promotional product, do not hesitate to contact us.

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