Wednesday 19 December 2012

Promo Gifts on Pinterest & Tumblr

Why not drop by and submit some of your news or special offers on our other platforms too.   Just like with the Promo Gift Blog, we are open Marketers and open networkers, so share some information and lets work together on these platforms too.

You might also like to check out Promo Gifts on Pinterest.   Here we are showcasing some great pictures from our blogs and partners, combining them to make great collections from where you can brainstorm.  Which of your unique promotional products should we showcase?

Promo Gifts on Pinterest
Promo Gifts on Pinterest

Our Promo Gifts on Tumblr showcase some of the best blogs from our many various platforms.    Why not help us add to this with some of your case studies..  
Promo Gifts on Tumblr
Promo Gifts on Tumblr

Which other social media channels should we be using to reach out to you?

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