Thursday 9 May 2013

Brand Packaging Builds Brand Through Custom Printing

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Building a business into a success is a challenge. With all the big box retailers dominating the market, it’s no wonder so many small businesses go bust. One area where you can stand out from the competition is in packaging. It’s where you can build brand awareness and create something that reminds people of your store each time they look at it.

Brand Packaging Builds Brand Through Custom Printing
According to the CEO of Premier Packaging, Joe Cupido, in the article Retail Packaging 13 Packaging Tips That Boost Sales for Retailers building brand awareness is about being consistent and making a constant push with your packaging.

Remember Me

Building business is about bringing in repeat customers. Every brand has a loyal group of customers who will stick with them through thick and thin. It’s why huge corporations can seemingly make big revenues without making any major changes to their brands. As a small business, it’s your duty to bring in customers and retain them.

Use a custom printing service for your branded packaging and you can make something people remember. For a candy store, some small businesses have used baskets and ribbons as a cute attraction. Jewelry is another area where special packaging excels.

The Vice President of Alletto Jewelry, Cathy McCarthy said, “Make your packaging fun with a cute twist that will remind them of your store every time they see the bag.”

Unique Selling Point

Successful business people always tell small businesses to focus on their unique selling points. The same thing should apply to your packaging. Have a unique selling point and you could find yourself leaving your competitors in the dust. This is most important in industries where retailers tend to sell the same products and brands, such as in designer fashion.

Your unique selling point can include anything you want, but it should relate to your area. If you live somewhere where environmentally conscious political parties get a high number of votes, there’s a good chance you have a lot of customers who care about the environment. So look at your materials and go green. Little contextual factors can make all the difference, in terms of your appeal.

Colors and Psychology

Standard packaging doesn’t catch the eye. What you see on every supermarket shelf today was once at the forefront of marketing. Yet because customers see them each day none of it registers. You need to create something that acts like a hook. Your custom packaging can help with this.

In most cases, your product itself isn’t enough to secure passing trade. Now, your product dressed in fluorescent orange packaging is a whole other level of marketing. It sticks out and you can notice it from a distance.

It’s simple psychology. If you see someone wearing a piece of clothing you’ve never seen before, you want to ask about it. Likewise, if you use branded retail packaging nobody has ever seen before they’ll want to know more. From here, it’s up to the quality of your inventory to do the talking.

Another psychological factor is trends. Capitalizing on something at the height of its popularity offers a gimmick you can use in your marketing. Consider some limited edition custom packaging and take advantage.

Author Bio:

Tina Devis is a small business owner and retail adviser. He advises local retailers in his area as part of his advisory business. In his spare time, he’s a prominent eBay and Amazon power seller. If you are interested to know how your Retail Packaging can help in growing your business here is 13 Packaging Tips That Boost Sales for Retailers

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