Saturday 4 May 2013

Stay Pretty with Promotional Gift Set- Elizabeth Arden

To stay competitive with promotional gift items, Elizabeth Arden came up with this eight piece promotional gift set. What attracts women to purchase your products? It’s none other than promotional items that are pretty but yet useful to them. Simply purchase $29.50 worth of Elizabeth Arden products to receive this promotional gift set valued at $77! Read on to find out more about this alluring promotional gift set by Elizabeth Arden!

Stay Pretty with Promotional Gift Set- Elizabeth Arden

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Why Promotional Gift Set?

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘The more, the merrier’? This of course goes to the same for promotional items offered to customers. People would definitely love to receive more freebies than one gift alone. Hence, this eight piece promotional gift set would surely attract more people to purchase your beauty products with such attractive freebies offered. Furthermore, customers are able to choose the kind of make up, warm or cool make up, for their gift set. This leaves customers with the choice to customize their own gift set items that they feel would be useful to them.

Attractive Promotional Gift Set Items

The eight piece promotional gift set includes a tote bag, a mini cosmetic pouch and some Elizabeth Arden make up accessories. These items are good as promotional gifts as it would be able to attract more sales in the short run. People would be attracted to make purchases in order to receive the freebies. It would also help boost sales for the long run as customers may find Elizabeth Arden products good to use after trying out the free samples.

Branding Your Promotional Item

Branding is crucial in boosting sales and increasing brand awareness for your company. When customers use these tote bags and cosmetic pouches in public, others would be able to notice your company brand logo, which is imprinted on these promotional items. Hence, these bags and pouches could very well be the free walking advertisement for you unknowingly! Brand loyalty could even be created as time passes, whereby customers would think of your brand name first whenever they need to buy beauty products. Remember to brand your company logo on your promotional items before giving them out to your customers!

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