Saturday 22 June 2013

Cute Kids Magazine Offers Cute Stationery Set as Giveaways!

Kids are playful and they love giveaways that are fun! Cute Kids Magazine is now offering a cutie pinkish stationery gift set as giveaways with every purchase of their magazine. Simply spend HKD$70 at any Taste supermarket found in Hong Kong and you are entitled to this on pack promo giveaways! Hurry up and make your purchase for your little girls before they run out of stocks.

Take a look at the cute and fun stationery set offered by Cute Kids Magazine:

Cute Kids Magazine Offers Cute Stationery Set as Giveaways!

Magazines often offer giveaways along with their magazines sold to help attract sales. Check out some on pack promotions done by other magazine companies in Hong Kong:

Offering giveaways to help boost sales

Offering giveaways can help attract the attention of readers and in turn, help boost sales. People are attracted to the freebies being offered and would take a step closer to look at what is being offered. This is the first step in alluring them to make purchases for your magazine and boosting sales.

Offering attractive promotional gifts

Attractive promotional gifts are able to act as incentive to encourage readers to make purchases. They may even be willing to spend, in order to be entitled to the free gift. The stationery set would definitely be able to catch the attention of young little girls with its brightly-coloured packaging and contents looking so pretty. The little girls would definitely want to own these cute stationeries.

To add on, kids are good tools to persuade their parents to make purchases. Parents would most normally relent when their kids whine and cry for them to buy stuffs. When the kids are attracted to the stationary gift set, they would bug their parents to purchase the whole magazine for the gift.

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