Friday 28 June 2013

Effective Advertising Techniques to Fit Your Budget


Are you short of budget! O’ that’s not so unlike every entrepreneur who is just going to make a start. Not surprisingly, it may also be the case even in big businesses that are thriving well. Because when it comes to launching a successful advertisement campaign, money is the primary concern. No doubt it is the age of digital advertising which requires a whole lot of fortune to be carried out effectively. But thanks to the innovation in print media that has made advertising not only cheap but also pretty much effective. Also the growing trend of social media marketing is cost savvy and has tremendous potential to pay for itself. Some marketing techniques are discussed here which can be further tailored to fit your budget.

Social Media Marketing


The internet has brought a revolution in the world of marketing and social media has taken it a step further. Social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Orcut, MySpace etc. has zillions of 24/7 active users. You just have to create a well designed page of your business or brand and then search for the target communities on the social media which can have an interest in your products and services. Just share your message in that community and then see the miracles of this media. Your message will become viral and soon you will be a known brand across the globe. Customers can give a proper feedback to you and it can generate a pretty good interaction which can help you advertise even more efficiently. A recommendation by a user to his friends about your brand can be highly beneficial and the icing on your advertising campaign.

Use of Printed Promotional Items

Advertising has usually two main areas to be covered; namely the indoor and the outdoor arenas. Both these areas can be covered perfectly by printed advertisement items.

Indoor advertising can be carried out effectively by the use of printed stickers. Stickers like wall stickers, window stickers, double-sided stickers, die-cut stickers etc. are pretty handy in this regard. They have the ability to convert literally everything into a marketing space. You can order stickers designed according to the type of your business which will also serve the purpose of giving a decorative look to your office etc. Tables, mugs, windows, walls; all can be branded by pasting custom stickers. Automobile stickers are on the other hand excellent tools for outdoor marketing. They can be pasted on the bumpers or rear windows of your vehicles which roam across the country. Thus you will be advertising your brand anywhere you travel.

Other affordably effective printed marketing items consist of brochures, banners etc. Brochures are highly efficient while creating brand awareness at the individual level. They give detailed information to the customer about your business and he can consult them whenever he wants to approach your services. Brochures designed with creativity and having intriguing content on them are the most effective marketing items. While in order to cover a bigger audience at a ceremony or an event, custom vinyl banners are the best. They have enough space to display your logo and main ingredients. Moreover they are not prone to heat or water if designed by good printing service providers in good quality. They are also inexpensive and can help you to create a bigger impact in less money.  

Thus you need not worry about the limitations of your budget; you just need to play a little more trickily in order to gain more by spending less. Whereas social media marketing will help you in approaching a larger audience, though a little randomly, the printed advertisement items help you target the potential customers even more specifically and effectively. 

About the Author:
Steve Henderson is a marketing enthusiast who writes in the field of marketing, branding and print Design. He likes to come up with creative and effective design ideas to share with a large number of followers. Currently, he works as a senior Graphic Designer at and a featured writer at Printing Blue Blog.

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