Tuesday 23 July 2013

Classy High End Handbag as ULTA’s GWP

ULTA is now offering a high-end classy handbag worth $40 as GWP for their consumers! Simply purchase at least $30 worth of fragrance from ULTA online store or departmental store to be entitled! Hurry make your fragrance purchase with ULTA before the promo gifts run out of stocks.

Be mesmerized and take a look at the classy handbag that ULTA is offering as their GWP!

Classy High End Handbag as ULTA’s GWP

ULTA is a chain of beauty superstores in the United States, outfitted with a full-service salon in each store as well. ULTA carries a variety of cosmetics and skincare brands, men's and women's fragrances, and professionally licensed haircare products.

Many beauty departmental stores are actively offering promotional gifts to their consumers to help boost sales. Check out some promotions done by other companies recently:

Offering GWP to boost sales

By offering GWP, people would be attracted to spend on your products in order to be entitled to the free promotional gift! ULTA is now offering a very classy looking high-end handbag to boost their fragrances sales. Some people may even be willing to top up a few more dollars to be able to receive the free handbag. And this helps increase profits for ULTA as well.

Offering a high end GWP would be able to increase the perceived value of the gift. High-end gifts of good quality are definitely more attractive to people. Furthermore, these handbags are useful and practical since it can be reused more than once.

Branding your GWP increases brand awareness

Branding your promotional gifts would be able to increase brand awareness for your company! Even a simple imprinting of logo can help boost brand recall. When people carry these handbags out, other people would also be able to notice the brand logo. The handbags could jolly well act as a free walking advertisement for your company!

However, bear in mind not to over-brand these high-end gifts to maintain its value. We wouldn’t want to spoil the appearance of the classy bag with too much words and colours on it. A little advice could be to sew on a little cloth patch with your company name on it, at the side of the handbag.

Interested to find out more ideas on branding or promotional gifts? Do not hesitate to enquire from us! Get started with your very own GWPs to help boost sales.

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