Wednesday 17 July 2013

Spice Up Your Company Events With Promotional Gifts

A company event is expected to be lavish and extravagant to the eyes of its visitors and the outside world. Hosting an event is supposed to be an expression of how financially stable a company can be, as it can afford to organize one and invite several people including the firm’s own employees. Included in this expression is the need to give away some business gifts to the participants as a sort of after-party marketing. With these gifts in hand, these visitors are sure to remember that company which gave them these trinkets in the first place.
Spice Up Your Company Events With Promotional Gifts

Of course, with a large number of attendees, a company cannot afford to customize these gifts according to each person. No, there should only be one type of gift to be given away to participants of a company event. Fortunately for the company’s press relations and events committees, there are a variety of promotional gifts that can be disseminated to visitors during a company event. They just need to take their pick to ensure that the gifts are memorable as well as useful to their recipients. So what items are ideal for being given away as corporate gifts in the wake of an event?


Customised Branded USBs

There are all sorts of stuffs that you can buy if gift giving is concerned but the best types are those handy ones that are very useful. Examples of these are customized USBs. These are those that are based on your specific office needs when it comes to memory and even the color. You can have these easily without having to go anywhere.


No, we’re not talking about giving an iPhone or an iPod to every visitor that attends your event. You can give them away as prizes to the lucky winner, but for the general populace, small but useful electronic gadgets can be very useful. How about giving away some USB flash drives? Portable memory is all the rage these days, after all. There are many types of portable memory but the USB flash drive – which is also the first of them – trumps them all. It is small, lightweight but can pack up to 32 gigabytes of memory. Of all those electronic gadgets out there, the USB flash drive is the best gadget that a company or organization can give away to the participants of their events.

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Promotional Offers

It depends on what the company’s business is, but some promotional offers for the participants can also be a good marketing technique. If you are sponsoring a business event for another company, you can also use that to market yourself to the participants. Let us take a restaurant business, for example. When a restaurant sponsors a company event on behalf of another enterprise, then this restaurant is free to give away some promotional offers as well. It could offer the participants a discount coupon that they could use on their next visit. Giving away discounts is a great way to maximize your chances of repeat business! After all, people love being given discounts.

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