Sunday 4 August 2013

Interesting Promotional Products Blogs

The promotional products industry is ever-growing and the type of promotional gifts offered have also expanded. Wondering what kind of product to use your marketing budget on next?  Why not visit these industry-leading blogs to get brainstorming

Promotional Products

Promotional products can be used as a GWP or Giveaway to boost sales. Marketing campaigns not only benefit the firms but also the clients who receive it. Check out some interesting promotional product blogs for ideas!
Which is your favourite and why?   Is your blog listed?   Let us know in the comments section.


First impression count for Promotional Gifts. People perceive your company by the kind of promotional gifts you offer.  Check out the Initial Impressions blog.

How can you make your promotional products more attractive and well perceived by your clients? Well, decorating and designing your promotional gifts with the right techniques would boost the product’s attractiveness greatly!


Apparel can come in many different types, designs, colours, sizes and etc.

With people being more conscious of saving the Earth, why not focus on eco-friendly wearables!

 Trade Show

How can promotional products boost their exposure? Exhibiting your company at the trade shows would be the best option. Suppliers and buyers all over the world would be attending trade shows and lots of gifts ideas can be found here!


Share with us some ideas on sales training and leadership

Feel free to write on other categories and add on to this list. We look forward to your guest post articles being published here!

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  1. The Marketing Gifts blog also has good case studies.


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