Tuesday 17 September 2013

Get Wonderstruck with Taylor Swift Tote Giveaway by Sephora

This is one amazing giveaway that you would not want to miss! With the purchase of selected Taylor Swift perfumes, you can receive a Wonderstruck Enchanted tote! The simple yet classic design makes it suitable for every day use and for a wide variety of occasions. It is big and spacious which allows the user to carry many items in the bag. It also comes with a rounded handle that provides comfort for the shoulders of the user. 

In order to receive the giveaway item, one just has to key ENCHANTED during checkout! Do not wait any longer; get your hands on this lovely tote at Sephora now!

Why use tote bags for your giveaway?

Tote bags are one of the most used items for marketing and promotional purposes. Why? Well, that is because they are recognized as a giveaway item that possesses high utility value. With beautiful and attention grabbing designs, tote bags like this also portray the image of a higher value. It will entice customers to purchase your products in order to receive the free tote.

Brand your giveaway!

One excellent quality about the tote bag is that it provides one with a large surface area for branding. You can easily print your brand name and logo on the surface of the tote bag. This will help to increase brand awareness for your brand and will draw more attention to your company and products.

In addition to that, branding your giveaway will also increase brand recall. The presence of your brand name or logo and the giveaway item will remind customers to make repeat purchases. This helps to enhance brand loyalty as the same time!

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