Monday 9 September 2013

Gift with Purchase: Anna Sui Scarf

In collaboration with Sephora, Anna Sui is offering an Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme Scarf as a free gift with purchase! Simply purchase a 1.7 oz Anna Sui La Vie De Boheme Eau De Toilette to receive this complementary scarf.

Gift with purchase: Scarf

Anna Sui is an American fashion designer and is one of the most celebrated names in fashion. The luxurious fashion brand includes shoes, cosmetics, clothing, accessories and a renowned line of signature fragrances. The fragrance line is famous for their fancy bottle designs and elaborate packaging.

Why offer scarves as a gift with purchase?

As Anna Sui target audiences are ladies, this gift with purchase idea is perfect for them.. This promotion is sure to garner a lot of interest from the female shoppers. Women love receiving beautiful accessories and this scarf will go perfectly with the perfume from Anna Sui. Scarves make great fashion accessories and are awesome gift with purchase ideas.

Receiving an amazing gift like these makes customers feel appreciated by the brand. This can potentially lead to an increase in customer loyalty, which results in continuous support from customers in the future.

Increase brand awareness with this gift with purchase!

Branding is a crucial when it comes to offering promotional products. If properly branded, the scarves can become amazing marketing tools! This will help to improve brand recall and brand awareness. The scarves offered by Anna Sui are really attention grabbing and will become a form of walking promotion when their customers use it. Such an interesting gift with purchase will easily attract the attention of the passerby’s and arose curiosity. If labels are placed on the scarves, the passerby’s may end up knowing the brand and may decide to check the brand out. This increase in brand exposure can translate to the brand gaining new customers, which is a huge benefit to the company. 

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