Monday 28 October 2013

50 Uses for Bic Promotional Pens

Bic promotional pens are ubiquitous – they are everywhere – since so many businesses and nonprofit organizations use these promo pens to advertise their products or services or promote their cause. Just the other day, while at my doctor’s office, I picked up a Bic promotional pen that was imprinted with a prescription drug name. Then, on the way home, I stopped at my bank and pocketed yet another Bic promotional pen.

Aside from using these promotional pens to write with, what else can you do with Bic promotional pens? Here are 50 ways to use your promo pens.

1.     as a pixie stick
2.     as a straw
3.     as a weapon (in the jugular)
4.     to pick a lock
5.     to poke holes in something
6.     to reset your electronic device (modem, etc.)
7.     to annoy others by clicking the pen top on again, off again, on again…you get the picture
8.     to make a flower pen bouquet
9.     as chopsticks (two of them together)
10.  to ruin your new white shirt by leaking ink
11.  as a screwdriver
12.  as a finger splint
13.  as a way to display a diamond engagement ring
14.  as a blow gun for spitballs
15.  to stick in your bun or “up” do
16.  to poke someone and get their attention silently
17.  as a cocktail/mixed drink stirrer
18.  as a screwdriver (the tool, not the drink)
19.  as a stylus for your device
20.  as drumsticks in a pinch
21.  as a toothpick when you have something in your teeth and are away from the dental floss
22.  as a backscratcher
23.  to sketch a portrait
24.  to design a tattoo
25.  to write notes on the palm of your hand before a speech or presentation
26.  as a stress reliever (chew the tip until it is unrecognizable)
27.  as a pain reliever (“bite down hard, now!”)
28.  as business cards to leave a lasting impression on clients and customers
29.  as a status symbol you can display on your desk or in your office
30.  to throw at your dog when she’s chewing your shoes
31.  as a syringe
32.  to write a personalized note, thank-you card or romantic love letter
33.  as a whistle
34.  as a knife
35.  as a straight edge
36.  as a magic wand
37.  as a pin-hole surveillance camera (these are actually available in spy stores) 
38.  as something to chew when you’re thinking hard about something
39.  to give away to attendees when exhibiting at tradeshows
40.  to clean the wax out of your ears when you’re out of cotton swabs
41.  to doodle when bored or deep in thought
42.  to mix two different colors of paint
43.  as a paperweight when it’s windy outside
44.  as a mini key chain pen
45.  to poke an eye out 
46.  as replacement piping 
47.  to scribble your signature when signing a personal check or credit card receipt
48.  to sketch an architectural blueprint or artistic rendering
49.  as a tourniquet 
50. as a pointer

Have some fun with your Bic promotional pens now! 

Author Bio: Riya Moore is a writer for HALO Branded Solutions, a leading Bic promotional Pens products company. When he's not working, he loves to travel and blog, so his tablet is his best friend.


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