Monday 21 October 2013

Wild Rose Jewelry Set by Avril Lavigne x The Fragrance Shop

The Fragrance Shop is offering an exclusive jewelry set when you purchase selected lines of the Avril Lavigne collection. This jewelry set also known as the Wild Rose jewelry set includes a ring and a bracelet that both feature a black rose. This offer is only available at The Fragrance Shop so do check this promotion out!

Why offer jewelry set as a gift with purchase?

Every girl loves to accessorize and loves adding more jewelry pieces to their collection. Therefore this set of lovely jewelry pieces will attract many customers to buy the product in order to obtain it!

Furthermore, bundle promotions are also highly effective because it gives customers the impression that they are getting more for their buck. This will increase customer satisfaction and make customers feel valued by the brand. Increased customer satisfaction often builds up brand loyalty in the customer and this will benefit your company in the long run! 

Branding your jewelry set!

In this Wild Rose Jewelry set, the bracelets and ring have been branded through the black rose that is part of the design. This is a very smart method of branding as it is subtly incorporating the brand into the gift. The black rose on the jewelry represents the Wild Rose perfume by Avril Lavigne very well and will serve as a reminder of the product. This will help to increase brand recall tremendously!

Jewelry sets like this can be customized easily to suit your needs, thus it is suitable for many companies! From choosing your own design and style to choosing the materials for the jewelry, the choices are endless!

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