Friday 4 October 2013

Doble L Creative Promotions Case Study

Doble L Creative Promotions, with offices in Barcelona and Madrid is your perfect partner in providing outstanding results to our clients in a fluid and economical way. We act as an “all-in-one” supplier offering highly competitive pricing, delivery, flexibility, guarantee and total availability to our clients. All our services are available in five languages: Spanish, English, German, French, and Catalan.

It is crucial to know WHAT the client’s profile and needs are, WHEN do these needs have to be met (deadline, campaign timing), and WHAT is the information necessary to develop the project (what the client needs from us, what we need from them)! Only when you have these key information can we therefore have an excellent approach to proposing solutions and identifying the ideal way of moving forward. Consequently it is important to know HOW to do it in the most efficient manner, saving on time, energy, and costs in creation/production for all involved without sacrificing quality.

Doble L serve a large pool of customers and some of our clients include; Seminis, Canon, Heineken, La Caixa, Goethe Institut, Grease The Musical, Wrigley........

We also have our own premises for textile printing, pad printing, laser, embroidery where you can customize your marketing products!

Recently we produced silicone RSID bracelets for Heineken. This involved customization that required printing the receiver's name in laser individually. Not was an interesting process since there was a need to get a perfect personalized printing without damaging the bracelet chip and the information recorded inside. No matter how difficult a project might be, Doble L Creative Promotions is always ready to take on the challenge!

Doble L - Promo Gifts

Doble L - Beer Promotions

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