Wednesday 2 October 2013

Fashionable Lace Zip Pouch Marketing Gift by Givenchy

Neiman Marcus is giving away a complimentary lace zip pouch with Dahlia Noir Deluxe samples with any $83 Givenchy Purchase. This is a limited time offer so hurry down to Neiman Marcus and get yours today!
Lace Zip Pouch Marketing Gift
Givenchy, one of the leading purveyors of contemporary luxury, has been part of the LVMH group since 1987. Its business is based on two activities: Fashion and Fragrances-Cosmetics.

Why offer zip pouches and samples as a marketing gift?

Pouches are excellent products to offer as marketing gifts! Firstly, zip pouches are useful and can be carried around by your customers regardless the occasion! Whether it is to work or fancy occasions, your customers will love this handy gift.
Secondly, the pouches can be customized easily and can be used by any company! This marketing gift can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors, materials and styles to reflect the exact image that your brand hopes to portray.

Branding to keep your brand visible!

By using a zip pouch, you will have a large surface available for branding your company. This will greatly increase your brand visibility – every time your customers use your pouch, they will be reminded of your brand. This increases the brand recall among your customers and there will be a greater chance that they would come back for repeat purchases.

Boost sales with marketing gift promotions!

A marketing gift promotion is an investment that pays for itself. Even though there is some form of cost incurred in providing the gifts, the increased revenue generated from the promotion will cancel out that cost. This is a small price to pay for the massive amount of benefits that your company will reap in the future.
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