Tuesday 31 December 2013

The Benefits of Offering Promotional Products – Small Businesses

Ever wondered how offering promotional products to your customers could impact your business? Well this article aims to provide you with more insights on the power of promotional products and what it can do for you!

Promotional products benefits for horse racing and body building sectors

1. Mass outreach at low costs
When a company has a tight marketing budget, it can be difficult for one to choose exactly how to market your brand. Small companies have to make smart decisions as to what makes the most sense of the business and what items will give them the most value for money. Promotional products come with a small price tag but generate a long lasing impact. This makes them a great investment that every company should consider.
2. Increase your brand recognition
Brand recognition is a goal for businesses both big and small. It is crucial for a company to establish its brand in such a way that it makes itself stand out from the competitors and also remains rooted in the minds of the customers. One simple way of doing so is to be creative with the marketing campaigns and promotional products are simple tools that can help you in this area. By customizing gift items that customers can use on a daily basis, you are increasing brand awareness for your small business!
Imagine offering your clients a simple pen with your brand name on it. When you offer a useful promotional gift like that, your customers will be able to use it on a regular basis! Whenever the pen is used, they will see your brand name on it and be reminded of your company. This gift will definitely help to enhance brand recall and brand recognition!
Promotional Products - Racecourse Pen
Promotional Products - Racecourse Pen
For example, the racecourses in Hong Kong offered this souvenir pen to the entrants on the race night. Firstly this pen is useful as it can be used to help the customers place their bets for the night. Secondly, the pen acts as a souvenir to remind them of the Jockey Club. This promotional pen will serve as a reminder for the next racing season to come.
3. Powerful Marketing Platform
People like variety when it comes to marketing campaigns. When marketing is carried out the same way time and time again, it loses effectiveness. Thus it is important for there to be variety and one simple way of achieving it is through offering promotional products. Marketing gifts can be changed easily according to the type of campaign and season. There is also a long list of promotional products that one can choose from and you will definitely be able to bring variety and flavor into your brand! Even though it is important to have staple marketing products, the ability to vary what you are using to brand your business is important as well!
Check out this article to find out more about how one in the cosmetics industry can offer a variety of promotional products to the customers!
4. Tactical Advantage
When it comes to marketing your business, one thing that everyone should keep in mind is repeat exposure. As a business, you want to be in front of the customers without having to constantly spend money. One way of doing this is to put yourself into the shoes of the customers and think about the items that your customers will want to keep around. If you run a bar, consider handing out free bottle openers or stubby holders. And if you are in the sports industry, why not hand out towels and water bottles?
For example, Bodybuilding.com offered its customers water bottles, gripad gloves and pill dispensers as promotional gifts.
Promotional Product - Bottle
Promotional Product - Bottle
Promotional Products Gripad-gloves
Promotional Products Gripad-gloves
Promotional Products Pill Dispenser
Promotional Products Pill Dispenser
When the promotional products offered are related to your industry, it will constantly remind customers of your presence in the specific industry. Thus when customers are looking to buy something from your industry, your brand will naturally be the first one that comes to their minds!  This means that the customers will be more inclined to purchase your products over other brands when they are in the stores.


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