Wednesday 15 January 2014

Gift with Purchase: Lancome Cosmetic Pouch

Lancome is currently offering a cosmetic pouch as a gift with purchase in Saks. This cosmetic pouch follows the color-blocking trend and has a fabulous French saying of “Joie De Vivre” on it. This deal is only available for a limited period of time so check it out at Saks before the promotion ends!

Lancome Cosmetic Pouch Gift With Purchase
Lancome Cosmetic Pouch Gift With Purchase
Lancome Paris is a French luxury cosmetics house that distributes products internationally. The brand is owned by L’Oreal and is part of the luxury products division that offers fragrances, makeup and skincare products at higher-end prices.

Cosmetic pouch as a gift with purchase?

This choice of gift is an excellent one especially for a brand like Lancome. As it is a cosmetics brand, it is appropriate to give away a gift related to cosmetics. Cosmetic pouches are used to store make up and toiletries and is especially handy when one is travelling. The pouch is also well designed and branded with the Lancome name, thus it is perceived to have a high utility value.

Why offer a gift with purchase?

A gift with purchase promotion is highly effective because it benefits both the customers and the company! Promotional gifts like these make clients feel appreciated and valued by the brand. It makes them feel the brand cares about them and is generous in rewarding the customers. This also helps to boost sales as customers will be more inclined to make purchases in order to obtain the free gift. The company also benefits as this sort of promotion helps to build brand loyalty with the customers.

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