Wednesday 22 January 2014

How to Make Your Promotional Gifts Stand Out

One of the tricks of any successful business is the ability to be instantly recognisable in a wide range of locations. And one of the most effective methods of doing this is to hand out some well-designed promotional gifts to your staff and clients. However, since most businesses are using this tactic, you will need to make the products you choose stand out from the thousands out there. This can be done by following these simple tips when shopping for and designing your marketing gifts

How to Make Your Promotional Gifts Stand Out
How to Make Your Promotional Gifts Stand Out

Choose a Useful Product

It’s always important to select an item that your potential customers can actually make use of. While things like stickers or posters are cheap, they’re not exactly going to maximize your corporate exposure. Instead, they are more likely to be thrown out very quickly. Research your audience and their habits before choosing promotional gifts. This way, you can then ensure that people actually want whatever you’re giving away. The following are some good examples of effective promotional products:

·       Green shopping bags
·       Custom water bottles
·       USB thumb drives
·       Shoulder bags

You will notice that all of these items are incredibly practical. This ensures that people will use your free gifts in more places which will further your reach and expand your marketing potential.

Don’t Be Too Cheap

Although you’ll be giving these gifts away for free, you should always prioritize quality over price. Even though you may end up paying more, purchasing items that are superior in make and design will end up reflecting well on your company. On the other hand, cheap products will end up offering presents that are poorly made and which make your business seem unprofessional as a result.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a reliable retailer who can customise all sorts of items in the right manner. From the materials used to the quality of the printing. This can be done quite easily by choosing a specialist who has the experience and the equipment to produce some excellent quality items for you and your business.

Be Smart with the Design

Speaking of the look of the items you create, it’s important to think carefully about the logos and slogans that you use. Not only should these look superb but they should also convey your corporate message in the right manner. If you’re designing smaller gifts such as pens, bracelets or key rings, make sure that your company’s imagery looks first-class when scaled down.

You might also consider making the design more colourful and vibrant so that it truly stands out from the promo items your competitors are using. Of course, this will only apply if these livelier designs fit in with your business model.

Think About Durability

Lastly, it’s important to think about how long your potential customers will use these items. To benefit fully from choosing promotional products for your business, you’ll want to choose an item or two that lasts for a long time. For example, a t-shirt can be worn for years, providing free advertising for your business during that period. On the other hand, something like a bookmark or CD will be used once and then probably thrown out soon afterwards. To maximize your marketing potential, choose any of the following items:

·       Mugs & Cups
·       Caps & Hats
·       Backpacks
·       Umbrellas
·       Mouse Mats

All of these tips will ensure your next batch of promo products really stands out! Not only will they maximise your advertising potential but they’ll will also reflect positively on your company, boosting the image that you portray to the general public.

Author Bio:

Brianna Flierl is a writer for Dynamic Gift in Australia, a company dedicated to providing quality promotional items. To browse through their product range of promotional pens and more, visit their website.


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