Wednesday 29 January 2014

Macys Gift with Purchase: Nicki Minaj Handbag

Macys is offering a black Nicki Minaj handbag as a gift with purchase with the purchase of selected Nicki Minaj fragrances. This black bag has nice gold detailing on it and is the perfect accessory for any outfit. Check out this offer at before it is over!

Nicki Minaj Handbag Gift With Purchase
Nicki Minaj Handbag Gift With Purchase
Nicki Minaj is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, television personality and actress.

Endorsed gift items help to boost sales!

Offering a free endorsed handbag as a gift with purchase can definitely improve the sales of a product. By leveraging off the popularity of the celebrity, one will be tapping into their network.  In addition to that, the endorsement of the handbag will also increase the perceived value of the product. Fans of Nicki Minaj may also be interested to collect this item and therefore purchase the perfume.

Why offer a gift with purchase?

Gift with purchase offers enable customers to feel like they are getting more value for their buck. Customers love it when they receive more items than what they paid for. It also allows customers to feel valued and appreciated by the brand when they receive the gift item. This helps to build up customer loyalty and improves the brand image in the mind of the customers. Gift with purchase items also help to increase brand recall and brand recognition

Offering gift with purchase items will provide great benefits for your company! Why not try offering a gift with purchase promotion and experience these benefits for yourself! Contact us at ODM to get started on your items now!

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