Thursday 13 February 2014

Promotional Item by Estee Lauder: Handbag

Estee Lauder is currently offering a handbag as a promotional item with a purchase of $75 or more. The promotional item being offered is a tote bag that features a transparent exterior and a woven interior. This bag is perfect for the summer seasons when one is hitting the beach. Hurry up and make your Estee Lauder purchases from Neiman Marcus now.

Promotional Item: Estee Lauder Handbag
Promotional Item: Estee Lauder Handbag

Estee Lauder is a marketer and manufacturer of prestige skincare, fragrance, make up and hair-care products. Joseph and Estee Lauder started the company in 1946 in New York City. 

Why offer promotional items?

Promotional items help a company to boost their brand recall and brand recognition. By offering gifts to customers that bear your company branding or logo, it will help to increase brand awareness for your company as well! This will also assist in building up customer loyalty, as customers feel appreciated when companies reward them for their support. 

Why offer handbags as a promotional item?

Handbags are items that are perceived to have a high utility value thus customers will be more inclined to get their hands on the promotional item. The handbag is also very useful as it is spacious and can hold many things in it. It can be used on many different occasions especially since the handbag has such a simple but classic design.

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