Monday 24 February 2014

Saks Fifth Avenue Marketing Gift: Laser cut Tote Bag

Saks Fifth Avenue is currently offering a complimentary tote bag as a marketing gift to their customers! In order to obtain this item, one simply has to spend $100 on beauty or fragrance purchases at Saks and use code BEAUTYWT at checkout. This tote bag also comes with many samples from brands such as Estee Lauder, Marni, Kiehl’s Since 1851, BVLGARI, Valentino, NARS, Penhaligons and many more! This tote bag is also available in many more color combinations like blue/white and tan/white. Head down to Saks Fifth Avenue to get your hands on this incredible deal now!

Saks Fifth Avenue Tote Bag
Saks Fifth Avenue Marketing Gift 

Why offer marketing gifts?

Marketing gifts are important marketing tactics that every company should consider because they are highly effective! These marketing gifts act as incentives to encourage purchases. Some people may be enticed to receive this free tote bag and will intentionally spend $100 or more at Saks in order to obtain it.

Tote bags as marketing gifts?

Saks Tote Bag Marketing Gift
Saks Tote Bag Marketing Gift

Tote bags are an excellent choice of promotional products as they are perceived to have a high utility value and are extremely useful as well! Customers can use them as shopping bags, school bags or even beach bags during the hot summer seasons! Furthermore tote bags are highly customizable are your company will be able to design them to suit your marketing needs!

If you are interested to offer tote bags as marketing gifts in your upcoming campaign, feel free to contact us at ODM for more information!


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  2. I love the tote bags.They are perfect promotional product.I've seen also those @


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