Wednesday 12 March 2014

Circle K Craftholic Candy Collection Premiums

These adorable premiums at Circle K are bound to bring smiles and hugs to your everyday life. These items up for grabs are from the Craftholic brand that is a massive hit all over Asia. Craftholic is a series of characters developed by Ikuko Yamamotothat feature cute characters in striking prints.

In order to obtain these premiums, one has to collect 12 OK stickers of 6 stickers plus $20 HKD to redeem one item. An OK sticker is obtained upon every purchase of $20 HKD. This offer is only available till mid April so hurry and get your hands on them now!

Why offer premiums?

Believe it or not, these tiny investments can provide you with a better return on your investment than tv ads or billboards. Advertisements may be able to provide you with great visibility but premiums can provide you with massive reach. It also serves as daily reminders to remind users of your premiums about your brand name. Premiums like this also serve as walking advertisements. Can you ask for a better low-cost investment? 

Collaborating with popular brands to offer premiums!

Like Circle K, your company can consider collaborating with known brands to offer premiums. The benefit of doing so is that both brands will be able to leverage off each other’s strengths and market appeal. This will serve to benefit both parties involved! Furthermore my collaborating, parties involved can share the costs of the promotional offer.

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