Monday 10 March 2014

Trip Advisor Emergency Charger Promotional Gift

Trip Advisor gave visitors an emergency charger kit as a promotional gift for their last event in Hong Kong.   Since I just had a very long day at work before the event I was running low on "juice."  Really appreciated this well thought out marketing message. 

This kit consists of a portable charger and a variety of charging heads. This kit will come in handy for everyone because the multi charging head function allows all phone users to charge their phones!

Trip Advisor Emergency Charger Promotional Gift
Trip Advisor Emergency Charger Promotional Gift

What is an emergency charger?

An emergency charger is a charger that allows users to charge their mobile appliances anytime and anywhere. One simply has to charge up the emergency charger for 4-6 hours beforehand in order to use it on the go.

This promotional gift comes in really handy as it is highly portable and can be carried around in ones bag easily.

Why offer an emergency charger as a promotional gift?

The charger comes in a wide variety of colors and you will certainly be able to find a color that suits your marketing needs! On top of that, you will also be able to customize the charger with your own logo and brand name!

The best part of this promotional gift is that it is compatible with many different brands and models of mobile phones. Simply plug the respective charging head into the charger and you will be able to charge any device you desire!

People love receiving items that have a high utility value and this charger is a promotional gift like that! It is extremely useful and is certainly a gift that your customers will appreciate receiving! This will make your customers feel very valued and will help to build up customer loyalty. Furthermore it will serve as a constant reminder to your customers of your brand’s generosity in rewarding customers.

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