Wednesday 5 March 2014

Macys and One Direction Gift with Purchase Offer

Macys is currently offering an exclusive gift with purchase deal! The deal involves a free One Direction purse with the purchase of Our Moment perfume. This deal is only available at Macys for a limited period of time so do get your hands on it while the promotion is still available.

One Direction Gift with Purchase Promotion
One Direction Gift with Purchase Promotion
One Direction is an English pop band based in London that rose to fame after coming in third in the seventh season of the British “The X Factor” competition. With the help of social media, One Direction’s three albums have broken several records and topped many music charts globally.

Why offer a gift with purchase?

As mentioned above, a free gift with purchase helps to make customers feel like the overall value of their purchase is higher as they get more items than what they paid for. This is merely one advantage for offering a free gift with purchase. Offering free gift with purchase also helps you to market your brand further. Imagine giving away a complimentary purse like Macys, this tote allows you plenty of surface area to brand your logo or message. This drastically improves visibility of your logo towards bystanders, onlookers, people who might not yet be your customers.

Offering a free gift with purchase can also help positively boost your company’s image. It shows to your customers that you care about them and you want to make their shopping experience with you a positive one! Furthermore, your free gift with purchase can be made using recyclable materials! This improves your company image in terms of corporate social responsibility; therefore, the public will tend to trust your company more. People are more willing to buy a product from a company that uses a portion of it for corporate social responsibility!

More examples of gift with purchase offers!

Grey Goose Duffel Bag Gift with Purchase Promotion
Grey Goose Duffel Bag Gift with Purchase Promotion
This promotion was spotted at the Sydney airport in the duty free section. Customers simply had to purchase some Grey Goose Alcohol in order to receive the duffel bag that was being offered. The bag is handy for those frequent travelers who can use it for short trips. When offering gifts, companies must always remember to keep the clients in mind and to understand how the gifts will benefit the customers.

Aramis Umbrella Gift with Purchase
Aramis Umbrella Gift with Purchase
Another gift with purchase promotion is this umbrella offered as a marketing gift by Aramis. The gift with purchase being offered is an umbrella in the colors brown and gold. It is branded with the Aramis logo, making it look expensive and classic. Branded umbrellas are highly cost effective and are an exceptional way of drawing more attention towards your business. This gift with purchase helps to increase brand awareness when your customers use the umbrellas in public. Those who cross paths with the users will learn more about the company and may even become interested in your brand. This definitely is a plus point because it will help to generate more sales for your company in the long run.

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