Tuesday 15 April 2014

How to promote vegetables? Example of Priméale France

It is not always easy to promote a fruits or vegetables brand! Most of the time, brands prefer competing on price (buy 2, get 1 free) rather than offering a gift with purchase.

For this reason, we decided to show what are your options if you decide to promote your veggies brand using promotional products.

Priméale GWP: a high-end vegetables peeler

Priméale is already a famous brand in France but the market is so competitive that they decided to offer something useful, not too expansive and that would ensure a good brand visibility. This professional asparagus peeler below is a great idea. 

Because it is so specific (asparagus only) people won't probably have one at home already and the probability that they keep it (ensuring therefore a long term brand visibility) is very high. It is also a smart way to push people to buy their products: if you have an asparagus peeler at home, you will probably buy asparagus more often.

That said, we feel that there is a lot of other products that would have worked well.

Top 5 vegetables gift ideas that could have also worked well

We decided to mix fruits and vegetables because the way they are marketed is very similar. Feel free to email us if you have any enquiry about one of the products in this list.
  1. The Fruit or Veggie-shaped plush toy (ideal as a tradeshow giveaway). Check out, for example, this potato plush
  2. The fruit/veggie pen, cheap but very visible!
  3. We loved these amazing notebooks and post-it pads.
  4. Nicely branded kitchen goodies are always well-received
  5. Shopping bags are very often re-used (which make them very visible). We loved this kiwi-shaped bag for example!

If you are still hesitating after checking out all these ideas from the fruit/veggie market, feel free to contact us before your next promotion. We will be happy to brainstorm for you and suggest ideas that would work...

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