Tuesday 20 May 2014

Promo Gift Trade Fair

In the promotional products game we are constantly visiting shows and going to network events.  We would love to hear your top tips for making the shows more fun.

Alan Heighway from Results Sales Promotion in Australia told us...  "The game I like to play is to tag my name badge with the name of the event, so when I receive emails or letters from completely unknown sources in the months that generally follow a trade show, I have a smug satisfaction in knowing where they got my name & contact details from!  Obviously, my name is not Alan Heigh Wan Chai, but they enter my “Trade Show name" name without a question."

What other ways do you prepare for trade shows.  Increasingly we are seeing visitors to trade shows stamp their business cards in books and not just giving out business cards.  Some visitors will even set up new catch all e-mails for trade shows.

What's in your bag and what tricks do you use?


  1. Great Idea! I always find a pair of comfortable shoes goes a really long way - some trade shows can be huge and walking around all day in comfortable shoes can really make a difference!

  2. If you are visiting shows in Asia do not forget your business cards (name cards) or nobody will want to talk to you.

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