Friday 27 June 2014

Get listed on Promotional Product Blogs

So far we have quite a few industry experts get listed on Promotional Product Blogs.   Whilst an easy way to do this is to create unique content and send us a case study, we are also helping to feature their latest creative promo gift news on the right menu here.   Over the past few days we were encouraged to read some of the following....
English magazine explains how to rank for promotional products search terms.   I agree - go longtail...
"There is so much competition for the search term ‘promotional products’ that you stand little chance of succeeding. Much better is to adopt a policy of ‘longer string’ search terms, for example:
exhibition giveaways portland
branded polo shirts under $10
medical stress toys maryland"
Case study on mobile phone wallets in Silicone.  Been seeing a lot of these recently, so have to say they are trending. But EMT go a step further with a stand...
"Perfect for work, a night on the town, or sporting events. The Silicone Cell Phone Wallet with Stand (Kick Stand) holds credit cards, business cards, hotel keys and more in landscape or Portrait perspective."
A little 6 item list that you need to do in order to create a buzz and consequentially up your sales.  Pick one and do it now...
Pinnacle blog on an actual case study and this is something which we really value higher than most other blog posts.    A Casestudy tells you what works, where, and for whom.   Keep them coming...
"Gatorade’s #WinfromWithin campaign went for the personalization angle earlier this year. You can create your own, personalized label for your Gatorade bottle. But, in creating your own label you were also entered into a contest to win a case of Gatorade bottles with your labels on the bottle."

Visit this Irish Promo Gift Specialist and find out why smiles could earn you an ipad.   Can you resist?
"If your picture receives the most likes you will win a fabulous Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. Participate in Share a Smile, go to, share your smile this summer and experience how wonderful it is to make someone smile. Share a Smile! This summer is going to be great!"

EPromos are explaining their love for Moscow Mules and more importantly those magnificent Promotional Copper Mugs that are so popular right now.   Drinks companies are really driving demand sky high.
"It’s been said that the mug makes the mule. If you’re mixing up Moscow mules, there’s nothing like promotional copper mugs to keep the drink ice cold – and your logo front and center."

We would love to hear your news. Drop us a mail and get listed too. People want to know.

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