Friday 11 July 2014

Purchase with Purchase Campaign for Drinks

purchase with purchase campaign
Purchase with Purchase Campaign
Purchase with Purchase campaigns are some of my favourite mechanisms to get high end gifts out to clients.    On a recent business trip I came across these promotions.

Smirnoff are offering an umbrella with purchase of their cocktail drinks.   Buy the drink.  Add HK$ 25, around US$ 3.50 and you get an umbrella.   Instead of adding a cheap gift with purchase bottle necker, this marketing manager has gone for a high end purchase with purchase and we applaud.

You can win an ipad with San Miguel and this promotion in conjunction with a local TV station.   San Miguel website is great for calling out all their current and past promotional campaigns.

Budweiser is offering footballs.  Same as Smirnoff, this is a Purchase with Purchase campaign and again this is very timely and sure to grab attention.

Notice the "shelf talkers" are very popular right now, but that these fridge stickers are increasingly popular also.   7 11 stores are offering amazing advertising space to major drinks companies.  

What is happening in your market, and what are you drinking?

1 comment:

  1. The Smirnoff Sticker is the most attractive. It is rainy season in HK and World Cup drawing to a close. Think I want the umbrella.


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