Monday 21 July 2014

Where Licensing and Promotional Products Meet White Goods

Licensing and Promotional Products joined forces in Hong Kong this month at Fortress Electrical Goods stores.   We snapped a picture of Snoopy Promotions around the computer laptop section.

Zoom in and you will see that there are various tiers of promotions...

  • First Tier has umbrellas,drinks bottles, carry bags & dry bags on offer.   
  • A second tier of gifts includes figurine keyrings, custom tissue box holder & we believe notebooks.
  • Third tier of licensed promotional products focus on stationary.

Licensing and Promotional Products
Licensing and Promotional Products

This shop is full of promotional products campaigns as you can see from this link.   Check out all the case studies on what works with licensing, promotional products and "White Goods".

What works in your country?   Would love to hear your case study on Licensing and Promotional Products.

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