Tuesday 15 July 2014

Re-Launching Robot Wars

When dealing with the re-launch of a well loved brand, it’s important to get the merchandising right. When Roaming Robots Ltd re-launched their Robots: Extreme Wars Live events, based on the popular Robot Wars television show which ran from 1998 to 2004, they approached EMC Advertising Gifts for their promotional gifts and merchandise.

The range of gifts had to appeal to both hardcore fans of the original series, and to newcomers to the live shows, which appeal to a surprisingly wide family demographic. They needed to be in keeping with the rugged style of the show, and naturally needed to be high-quality products – just as the competitors wouldn’t want to send a second-rate robot into the arena, they wouldn’t want to send their fans away with second-rate promotional gifts.

EMC Advertising Gifts responded with a range of T-shirts, and accessories branded both with the show’s logo and the familiar catchphrase “3...2...1... Activate!” The range included practical items like rulers, perfect for making sure that you get the right size parts when you’re putting together your own fighting robot, and drawstring bags which would be ideal for collecting up the parts of your competitor after it’s been picked on by the house robots.

They offered time-sensitive deliveries across a range of goods and suppliers, to suit the client’s schedule of events around the country, and when the initial selection of gifts increased turnover by 30%, were able to respond to demand and add further lines.

The most important part of any promotional gift campaign, of course, is whether the client is happy, and this was certainly the case. The Director of Roaming Robots said that EMC Advertising Gifts had “…produced a fantastic range of quality branded gifts for our new merchandise range which has been selling like hot robots at our events!!”

EMC Advertising Gifts pride themselves on their excellent customer service and high quality promotional gifts, and are a Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant with a rating of 98%.

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