Pure Fitness membership gifts in Hong Kong

Pure Fitness is surely one of the most famous gym and fitness club in Hong Kong and they are currently offering membership gifts to their new customers.

Gym Membership Gift
Pure Fitness "starter pack" gifts
This "starter pack" consists of:
  • 1 x high end water bottle
  • 1 x shoe bag
  • 1 x small pouch (cosmetics, toiletry bag)
  • 1 x non-woven bag
Overall, a membership pack like this one doesn't cost much and is very well perceived by the client. The water bottle, especially, is a very good promotional product to offer with any sport-related promotion. It's visible, useful and people like to carry it around to show that they are member of a fitness club. The more visible the gift is, the more your logo will be seen.

PURE membership pack
Pure Fitness membership gifts
Some other gifts could have been considered instead of the pouch (which we feel doesn't add much value to the set):

  • Hand towel
  • Headband
  • Sweatband
  • Branded earphones
  • Baseball cap
  • Branded red/white laces
  • Thin yoga mat
Any other product idea you'd like to add to this list, leave us a comment!

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