Friday 9 January 2015

Covermount promotion by New Monday Magazine in Hong Kong

Walking by a Circle K convenience store in Hong Kong, we found this pretty eye-catching promotion. Given that the magazine industry is probably one of the biggest industries in terms of promo gifts, We thought we should share it with you and analyse this promotional marketing campaign.

This type of on-pack promotion for magazines is called a "covermount" and this mechanism is used punctually to boost magazine sales. This one is from the New Monday: simply purchase the magazine to get the fully branded iPad/tablet pouch attached.

The tablet cover is made of shock-resistant neoprene material and has a pretty good perceived value. It is, in itself, a very good reason the buy the magazine.

We loved this promotion because:
  • The product itself is quite cheap but has a good perceived value
  • The branding surface on the product is massive
  • It's quite useful
Some lady's magazines even do a different promotion every month and these are expected now by their readers.   Do you prefer Covermounts or Gifts with Subscription and which is your favourite example from recent months. What works for one market could also work somewhere else for one of your peers in the promotional products market.   Share the knowledge.

To our guest bloggers and promotional gift specialists all around the world: feel free to contact us and share with us any similar promotions that you may find on your own market. 


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