Thursday 26 March 2015

Plastic Drink Stirrers

These are very simple products, but they're still used worldwide, every single day. If you're looking for an inexpensive marketing campaign, then definitely keep drink stirrers in mind.

Plastic Drink Stirrers
Plastic Drink Stirrers
There are numerous benefits to providing drink stirrers as a promotional gift to your customers.
  • Drink stirrers are often used in highly visible places, such as in work, so this increases brand awareness, which in turn will lead to more sales.
  • They're very inexpensive, so this promotional campaign can be run very cheaply, even large quantities, so it's a great opportunity to spread your brand to a large audience.
  • Drink stirrers are a fantastic branding opportunity, as there's a flat piece of plastic at the top of each stirrer, so as mentioned before, it has high visibility and brand exposure.
  • Plastic drink stirrers can be easily customized, so the shape and color can be changed.
  • The stirrers are made out of food grade, PS material, which is a hard plastic, and is safe enough for daily use.

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