Wednesday 25 March 2015

Friso Gold Promotional Pack

One of the leading infant nutrition companies, Friso, are running a new campaign, in which they provide consumers with a free promotion carry bag, that will fit two tubs of Frisco Gold, conveniently the gift comes free with the purchase of two tubs, as seen below.

 Friso have offered this promotion for a number of reasons.
  • It entices customers to purchase two tubs of Friso, instead of the single tub they would've likely planned to have purchased, so it ultimately drives extra sales.
  • It's an extremely useful promotional gift, as it allows consumers to conveniently carry two tubs of Friso, this will lead customers to positively associate with the brand, which makes them more likely to become a loyal customer.
  • It's a great branding opportunity, as the carry bag itself can be branded, as well as having a large window to see inside the bag, so this shows both the product and brand, while it's being carried - so both of these things can massively increase brand awareness, which in turn will increase sales. There's also the high likelihood that the carry bag will be reused for years to come, which further adds to the brand exposure.
  • Good packaging can greatly increase the perceived value of a product, which means means that the price can either be increased, or it can be kept the same which makes consumers feel as though they gotten good value for money.

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