Wednesday 15 April 2015

Free Bag with Purchase - Bangkok Airport

During our visit to Bangkok Airport this week, we spotted a free promotional bag which was given away as part as a GWP campaign. King Power ran this campaig - in which they are giving a free, stylish and branded shopping bag to all customers who make a purchase over 2000 baht (US$60).

Free Bag with Purchase - Bangkok Airport
Free Bag with Purchase - Bangkok Airport
As you can see above, the store used a highly visible, light up display. This was done in order to raise awareness of the promotion amongst shoppers. The high visibility coupled with the promotional bag is a guaranteed method for King Power to raise sales and brand awareness. The sales will come primarily from impulse purchases by shoppers and passers, who will see the attractive display.

To add to this, they made the promotional gift more personalized for each customer, by offering a selection of different colors. The range of colors, which include blue, pink and purple, will also appeal to a wider audience including men, women and children.

Not only will this promotional gift increase purchases by adding incentive. It will also act as free advertisement for the company. As the bag is branded, all consumers who carry around the bag with them will be spreading your brand which will increase brand awareness, and ultimately sales.

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