Wednesday 22 April 2015

On-Pack Bottle Promotion

The health product company, Accu-Chek, is currently offering a promotional gift with every purchase of their Performa device. The device is used to test blood sugar levels, primarily used by diabetics.

On-Pack Bottle Promotion
On-Pack Bottle Promotion
The promotional gift they're giving away is a branded bottle. This is a very relevent promotional gift, and as such, it will very likely be used often by those that buy the device.

The on-pack bottle also helps to raise the perceived value of the device, which justifies the fact it may be more expensive than similar, competitors products. The free gift also adds incentive for consumers to purchase.

The fact that it's a simple product makes it a promotional campaign that can be run on a tight budget. Despite the products simplicity, there are still numerous options when it comes to customization. The customizations can include the branding, color, design and size.

The flat area on the bottle is also beneficial. As it's a useful product, there's a high likelihood that it will be used in public. So this large branding area will definitely help to increase brand awareness.

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