Monday 27 July 2015

DaiJouBu Energy Drink Competitive Promotion

Recently DaiJouBu, an energy drink company from Taiwan, has been hosting their promotional campaign in 7/11. From June 15th to July 31st, if you buy two cans in 7/11, you can use your receipt to enter the online competition and be in for a chance to win a mini-camera drone. 
DaiJouBu Energy Drink Competitive Promotion 
This is a great way for DaiJouBu to increase brand recognition, through competitive marketing, while also increasing sales due to the high quality of the gift offered. As the energy drink market is extremely competitive, energy drink producers are always looking for new and unique ways to market their products.
DaiJouBu Energy Drink Competitive Promotion 
In the case of DaiJouBu, by offering the mini-camera drone, they should be able to incentivize customers to purchase their products over their competitors. Furthermore their choice in POS display, by having a banner across the drinks fridge, allows for their product to be fresh in potential customers mind as they choose their drinks. This strategy should allow DaiJouBu a greater market share and entice new customers to their brand. 

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