Wednesday 22 July 2015

Jowissa Keyholder as free gift with purchase from Jowissa

The famous Swiss watch maker, Jowissa is offering a unique and attractive Keyholder to be offered as a gift with purchase with their Facet Strass Ladies Watch. This offer is found within the China Airlines In-Flight Magazine. With a large audience regularly reading through these magazines, offering giveaways and having promotional campaigns present, is a fantastic way to advertise their products.
Jowissa Keyholder as free gift with purchase from Jowissa
Though the Keyholder may not be a high cost item comparable with the watch, customers will be attracted to purchasing the watch firstly. The keyholder is merely there to incentivize customers who are unsure on whether to purchase the watch or not. Many high end brands, such as Jowissa, use this technique successfully in their marketing campaigns.

Techniques such as these, will help increase brand exposure and recognition. It is a very clever form of marketing, as many consumers buy during the duty free part of their journey. The free gift with purchase should help Jowissa attract customers to their brand.

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