Friday 14 August 2015

Exclusive Whiskey means Exclusive Promotion

One of the world's most famous single malt whiskey producer, Glenfiddich has now presented this limited "The Cape of Unity" design together with one of their 50 year old whiskeys. This design is one of five, which is specific designed for 5 different limited editions Glenfiddich whiskeys. Because of the limited editions of the product and design, is it made to express exclusiveness

Exclusive Whiskey means Exclusive Promotion

This is an exclusive promotion, which makes the whiskey look more valuable. It’s a good way for Glenfiddich to make their products to stand out among the competition. Also it’s a good way for them to visualize their brand logo in another perspective, which will be attractive to collectors.

Exclusive Whiskey means Exclusive Promotion

Why do Glenfiddich make special promotional items for their products?

  •       It looks more attractive
  •       It adds value to the product
  •       It gives larger profit margins

When using promotional products as part of your marketing strategy, you should make the product more attractive and by that give customers the chance to purchase impulse. When you spend time and money to create something new, it will also add extra value to the product and by that raise profit margins. This means that in the long run this type of investment is financially good. Promotional products will therefore be a win-win situation because it both creates more brand awareness and increases sales.     

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