Monday 17 August 2015

Back to School Gift with Purchase Promotion from Milwaukee Brewers

Famous American Baseball Team, Milwaukee Brewers, have been offering a back to school gift with purchase promotion. To gain this promotions customers whom spend more $150 or more, at the official Brewers Team Stores at Miller Park, will receive a free Milwaukee Brewers Lunch Tote from Picnic Time.
Back to School Gift with Purchase Promotion from Milwaukee Brewers 
This offer is useful for multiple reasons. Firstly by partnering with Picnic Time, Brewers have an exclusive gift that can only be gained by spending more than $150. Therefore the more exclusive the gift, the more customers will be willing to spend to gain it.

Secondly, the lunch tote bag has a large branding area, which Brewers has cleverly used to position their logo. This will be readily visible to whenever the bag is used, thus increasing awareness of the Brewers brand.

Lastly, by offering a Back to School deal this will increase likelihood of purchase. As is clear in the image, by purchasing items for your children, the adults will be rewarded with a free Picnic Time Tote Lunch Bag. This will increase the likelihood of Brewers merchandise purchased, the children will want their products and the adults will be rewarded for the purchase. 

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