Friday 21 August 2015

Spend in Tax-free and get a free Travel-Adapter in Copenhagen Airport!

The Tax-free shop in Copenhagen Airport is now offering a free travel adapter worth DKK 149 to customers who purchase above DKK 750 in their online shop. To receive this free gift with purchase, customers personally need to pick up the gift in the store before departure in the airport. 

Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in whole Scandinavia, with 74,000 people travelling through the airport everyday. This naturally means great possibilities for increasing brand awareness and sales through tax-free goods. 

Buy Tax-Free and get a free Travel-Adapter in Copenhagen Airport!

The airport is using a great marketing strategy, to incense people to increase their purchasing, by offering them free gifts with purchases. To confirm that they are gaining most value out of this offer, they are making sure that the free travel adapter is similar to their customer's needs.

When doing this you need to clarify your customer segmentation, which is exactly what CPH airport is doing when they are offering a travel-adapter. This basically fits into their customers needs, because people are travelling to different kind of countries, with different plugs. This means that there are much higher possibilities that this kind of free gift is needed, making it a fantastic investment to boost sales and brand awareness.

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