Free Gift with Purchase - Collaboration between Levi's and Swarovski

The fashion industry is a seasonal business, which means new collections 2-4 times per year. This naturally means that there will be a lot of marketing campaigns. The famous jeans company Levi's is now collaborating with the Austrian crystal company, Swarovski for a new free gift with purchase campaign. If you purchase two pair of the new woman's denim Levi's collection will you receive an exclusive crystal charm by Swarovski for free.  
Free Gift with Purchase - Collaboration between Levi's and Swarovski

Affiliate Marketing as Marketing Approach 

Affiliate marketing is when one business rewards another business. Said in another way, it is when two businesses are beneficial to each other. Levi's and Swarovski are a clear example of that marketing approach. Both companies will accomplish increased brand awareness and sales if they manage to brand the right products together. By being complementary with each other products and brand names can target larger target groups.

Swarovski and Levi's has managed to brand two complementary products, this will lead to greater brand awareness for both companies and increased sales of both products. 

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