Wednesday 23 September 2015

5 Offline Marketing Strategies to Leverage Your Online Business

The struggle of businesses to get more exposure has been continuing till date. But with increasing technology the medium is not the same. About 87 % of US population is using internet (2014 PEW research, 1) and 40.4 % of people using World Wide Web from around the world. (2)

Only a fool can leave such a huge medium to promote the business. Almost every marketing strategy coming now includes online marketing. But, let me stop here and point out the forgotten traditional marketing tactic that brought sales to many bug businesses in the paste.

5 Offline Marketing Strategies to Leverage Your Online Business
Yes, am talking about offline marketing. Though online marketing has taken a huge space in marketing strategy, to give a real boost you must use offline marketing. Reports say that about 65% of people prefer to buy from a site which includes rating and reviews. And about 70% people in US read reviews before hitting but button.

What does this mean?

People look for authenticity and authority before purchasing. Offline marketing gives you that extra trust rate with which you can beat your competitor. There are hundreds of offline marketing tactics, but here am going to discuss my favorite strategies.

5 Offline Marketing Strategies to Leverage Your Online Business

Offline Marketing Strategies to Increase Online Business

1. Build Relation with Customers

No matter how many new technologies are introduced, people do business with trusted and known people. There are various ways with which you can initiate the relationship with your targeted customers. Just handing them your colorful business card won’t help. You must give them
something worthy for free. No need to be a product, you can held a seminar to explain about a topic related to your business. Or initiate a social cause and ask for their contribution. But, remember to make it simple for them to contribute. For instance it can be a just a hash tag.

2. Direct Mail

Offline mails are expensive compared to free emails over web. But, the impact it creates can’t be compared. If you just drop a direct mail to your customer and expect him to make another purchase am sorry those days are gone.
People throw letters from companies, because they’ve no time to listen to your promotional message. First thing is to make him open your mail, for that you must use simple designs and not corporate designs. Then come up with a coupon, offer and a special invite to your sponsored trade show or seminar.

3. Cold Calls

It’s annoying to receive a call from unknown source trying to sell you an X product. To give a personal touch you must call only those people whom you know by name. Your old customers would be best fit for this offline marketing tactic. Call your old customers to give them a special personalized offer, as they used your product readily they will make a purchase.

4. Tradeshows and Seminars

Co-host tradeshows or sponsor one. These trade shows attract thousands of liked minded people and you can easily put your business or product in front of them. Hire a speaker to put your words or you can yourself share your business model. Best way is to distribute them a promotional product with your business logo on it.

5. Word of Mouth Marketing

Easiest way to get huge offline and online exposure to your business is through word of mouth marketing. And there is no button to make people talk about your business; you must come up with an innovative topic or tactic to force people to talk about you. Like most companies give 60% discount on selected days and for limited time, this will make your customers to discuss about your product.
Offline marketing is not alternative to online marketing. It helps to gain the extra trust level from your customers. Every marketing tactic may not work for your business; try the one that fits you.

Author Bio:

Ken Wu is from, which manufactures custom drawstring bags, personalized tote bags and other promotional products.

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