Monday 28 September 2015

Aeo Gym Bag as a free gift with purchase from Lambton Mall

Lambton Mall were offering a free gift with purchase. Every customer whom spends more than $75 will be able to claim a free Aeo Gym Bag with purchases made in store and online.

Aeo Gym Bag as a free gift with purchase from Lambton Mall
The bag is a great promotional idea to include in the overall marketing approach. It is an excellent giveaway to be offered, and it has huge potential to increase brand awareness, while rewarding customers.

This is a really clever and interesting way to increase recognition of the Lambton Mall. This type of marketing is regularly seen because it is so successful, and the product offered although expensive can easily be repeated for lower costs. 

When offering branded products like gym bags, there are a vast array of competitive advantages, such as the large branding area such a product offers. Secondly the exclusivity of the gift, as customers have to spend more than $75, those who get the bag will be able to show off proudly the purchase, while also increasing brand awareness of Aeo and Lambton Mall. 

Finally, as this is a gift with purchase, customers will have to spend a minimum amount to be able to get this gift. Therefore sales will increase over the short term while increased brand awareness and recognition will likewise occur long term.

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