Friday 25 September 2015

BPMA Survey: Creative New Trends for Promotional Products

A recent study has been conducted by The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) on marketers views on promotional products. The study exposes many insights into the minds of marketers and why promotional products are so effective, but also revealing some interesting trends with this type of advertising.
BPMA Survey: A Creative New Trend for Promotional Products 

The figures presented by BPMA reveal a new trend in which goods are being used for promotional products. There's recently been a movement towards implementing advanced products for promotion particularly electronics with around two thirds of promotional products being purchased are electronic goods such as retractable phone chargers. Overall there's a big shift away from traditional promotional products. 

Furthermore, the data shows the main reason marketers produce promotional products is to create brand awareness with 70% of them using it as brand awareness tool. By creating branded products is a truly effective way to get any brand recognised by consumers. However there are also many other purposes to this marketing technique with 9% of marketers using it for recognition.

To create a successful promotional product the most important characteristic for the product, according to marketers is the quality and for it to be memorable as 81% stated the key to success was quality. Whereas less than half consider long desk life to be significant. This information therefore is extremely valuable if a business is considering creating an effective promotional product.

As identified by marketers promotional products are a fantastic and advantageous way to increase brand awareness, retention and ultimately sales. It is considered by many to be one of the best forms of advertisements due to the physicality and scope the product can create

Additionally new trends are presenting interesting ways for companies to consider
when choosing a product to promote a brand on. Particularly the use of more innovative electronic products instead of traditional products.

We at PromoGift are very thankful to BPMA for this interesting study and stated by them ''Over 10% of the marketers we spoke to are spending in excess of £50,00 per annum on promotional products.''

If you interested in knowing more about the data provided, you can visit BPMA here.
If you would like to know more about promotional items to assist with marketing your brand please contact us at PromoGift.

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