Wednesday 2 September 2015

Neoprene Armband with Plantronics Headphones as a Gift with Purchase

The American electronic company Plantronics is now offering free neoprene armbands when purchasing their new 274 BackBeat FIT wireless stereo headphones. This campaign is offered as a free gift with purchase in collaboration with the airplane company Cathay Pacific. This offer is running from July 15 to September 15 as Cathay Pacific.

Neoprene Armband with Plantronics Headphones as a Gift with Purchase

Inflight Magazines a Great Way to Achieve High Visibility 

Plantronics is using Cathay Pacific's in flight magazine to promote the brand and thereby stimulate sales. It is surly an excellent way to target special customer segments. People who use air travel often peruse magazines and are much more likely to purchase impulsively. This gives companies high visibility among customers. It's therefore a great idea to offer a gift with purchases like Plantronics do, as everyone loves to receive free gifts.

Offering free gifts with purchases can help to positively boost your company's image. It shows to your customers that you care about them and you want to make their shopping experience a positive one. This is a successful promotional tool to include in your marketing strategy, which will help to increase sales.

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