Friday 4 September 2015

Promo Gift will write Your Case Studies

Promo Gift will write your blogs. Simply send us an e-mail with Promotional Product Case Studies from your market and we shall write a blog about this topic, creating valuable back links to your websites.

What is required for Promo Gift Blog to write your Case Study?
• Brief explanation of the promotion
• Fun Pictures of the promotion
• Back Links to your website

Why are the Promo Gift Blog offering to write your Case Studies?
• Lots of existing promotions so never experience Writers block.
• Real Case Studies are interesting because we can write more about the actual positives and negatives of campaigns.
• Use 3rd party promos (not done by your company) for most part, so no problems of Confidentiality or other restrictions.
• Ability to compare promos by MNCs across multiple regions and view cross cultural divides

For those Promotional Products companies who wish to become regular contributors then we propose a stronger partnership option.   Link to this blog and then the Promo Products Blog will be actively sending all new enquiries from your region back to you for quoting.  Want to become the Exclusive Expert in your country or region?

It just takes a few minutes to send a blog.  The Blog creates valuable in-links to your website.  What's to loose?   Check out some industry leaders who are contributing.

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