Monday 12 October 2015

Free Car Lister Poster Capsule at NY Comic Con

Comic Con New York has just concluded, but attendees to this event were offered a free poster capsule to protect any posters or objects they received. This poster capsule was from Car Lister when attendees visited their booth and took part in the photo shoot, stocks were limited and with the sheer amount of attendees, they went fast.
Free Car Lister Poster Capsule at NY Comic Con
These kind of marketing campaigns are useful for a majority of reasons. Firstly with a photoshoot that relies on humour: attendees were invited to "lift" a car while taking a photo, this allowed for word of mouth to spread the booth and therefore the brand's information. While offering the free capsule allows for attendess to protect souvenirs they will gain during the convention. Lastly by partnering with Comic Con and choosing a free gift that is specific for the event will likewise increase brand awareness and positive recognition for Car Lister. 

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